Throughout my time as a Software Engineer I have undertaken various types of projects, each with their own unique and logical challenges. I have some of my more prominent projects listed below with details about their frameworks and use cases.
A website pursuing the increase of wisdom in the body of Christ. My hope is that people will utilize the tools provided to discuss and determine Biblical truth through prayer and logical reasoning. This application is built using HTML, CSS, PHP and SQL.
Professional Web Development
In the Summer of 2023, I pitched the idea of making my company's website from scratch using handwritten HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Local development was handled using XAMPP and then backups were saved using Github and the Go Daddy hosting platform. I also wrote new hire documentation so that Computer Science Students could continue development after my departure.
Noah's Garden
As a soon to be father, I want my child to grow up in an environment safe from the dangerous sides of today's media. I am developing a Family Friendly Media Collection App that will allow user's to cultivate their own content. This app is built using electron.js and a local json storage system.
3D Javascript Game Development
From an early age, I have been fascinated with game design and development. In the future, I hope to implement many user controlled 3D experiences in my applications. (Click in window, use WASD and Arrow Keys). This application is built using the three.js library.
Flutter Firebase Social Media App
Stretching my skills, I succesfully created a social media posting platform. This android application featured an attractive front end with the backend storage being handled by the google cloud firestore database.
University Skills
While earning my degree in Computer Science, I developed experience programming with the following: PHP, JavaScript, Python, SQL, JSON, Java, C#, C, C++, XAMPP, Node, Ruby on Rails, Next JS, Assmebly, HTML, CSS and many more.